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Beta Ecdysterone

Combination of representatives from three different extremely effective plant extracts that promote the development of muscle.

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It provides pure beta-ecdysterone which is extracted from a highly focused spinach extract and includes Gamma-Oryzanol and Yam Extract. Supplies pure beta-ecdysterone which is drawn out from an extremely concentrated spinach extract, includes Gamma-Oryzanol and Yam Extract. The active ingredient ecdysterone is a messenger substance that takes place naturally in food (for instance spinach) and has a favorable impact on protein synthesis in its concentrated kind. It increases the storage of glycogen in the muscles which in turn increases the muscle cell volume and performance in the sub maximal area.

Dodatkowe informacje
Spinach extract

1500 mg

Yam extract

750 mg

Gamma Oryzanol

750 mg

Vitamin B6

0,21 mg

Folic Acid

30 mg

Panthothenic Acid

0,9 mg

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