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Weather is getting hot, around the size of the mall MBT shoe, MBT shoe had all kinds of cool on stage: square head, pointed, stiletto, wide low-heeled, thick crust, thin crust, and quite dazzling points meaning.
Just pick one pair of MBT sandals beautiful styles, so perhaps you sometimes sashay, but soon it may make people trudged. Give your feet choose a good pair of comfortable sandals MBT bar, health is always in fashion.
Some women prefer to wear shoes with tall and narrow MBT sandals, that less than one square centimeter thin with narrow faces, others could not help but asked to read them worried. Experts suggest that the selection of high-heeled shoes with too narrow a selected few. In all of the sprain, the most is the ankle sprain, also known as Wei feet. Wearing high heels is a big incentive Wei feet, toes down when Bengzhuo shoes, the most unstable ankle. Once the ankle foot ligaments will have varying degrees of damage, tearing the ligaments become loose, stretched, if not treated, it becomes loose ligaments in a position to re-grow together, can easily lead to habitual Wei feet, will gradually develop into traumatic arthritis.
In recent years, the market has launched a number of fashionable sandals and slippers with high heels, toes have two folders, there are fine with wrap five toes. According to the British surgeon found wearing sandals and slippers, especially high-heeled sandals and slippers, will cause severe calf muscle is stretched, but also make the Achilles tendon fatigue damage. Clip toe sandals and slippers more harm human health, because the shoes would force the wearer lack of support when walking, slowly curl their toes into the jaw. Experts suggest that you can go to the beach sandals and slippers to wear when playing, other times the best choice to give their feet a pair of heeled sandals with laces or MBT, try not to choose not to help force the toes and instep shoes, such as the instep shoelaces both thin and less kind.
Wearing the right pair of high-heeled sandals, not only to show the graceful curve of the legs, but also increase a woman's mature charm. According to foreign researchers found, often highly appropriate to wear high heels, like a man-made arch in the foot paving, can make the inside of the leg muscles stronger, not only to prevent muscle and joint injuries, reduce fatigue of walking, but also so keep the body upright, adding body beauty. However, experts also warned that the high heel is also limited to 2-3 cm in the most appropriate, too high, or both sides of the heel is not as high as would impair health. Heel too high, the body center of gravity too forward, the body's center of gravity moves to the forefoot, so the toes affected by squeezing the systemic circulation. Change in the normal posture when walking, too straight waist, hips bulge, but also increase the degree of the pelvis forward. If the height varies around the heel, can cause pelvic distorted over time hurt the spine, shoulder and neck pain may also be other symptoms occur.